Info PieceSEO Top 10 - Earn more traffic

Having a professional company take over your website’s SEO can benefit your business in many ways including an increase in users / traffic. More users browsing your site means more potential leads available to sell your products/services too. The fundamental goals of search engine optimisation is to grow your brand and increase your sales/business.

The top 4 positions of a google search account for a large majority of impressions and clicks, so having your website rank within these top positions can significantly increase traffic flow to your business. Most users will not make it onto the second page of a google search so its critical to get to the top and display relevant, engaging and enticing content that they will want to click on. The better the content, the more likely an end user is going to click on it.

The SEO process lets you target specific areas of interest within your business. Using some keyword analysis and optimisation you can find out which areas of you business have high search traffic. Targeting these high traffic areas can lead to more users entering the site and more potential leads looking at your content.