Info PieceWhy Do I Need A Business Website

Online presence can have a huge impact on your success no matter what industry you’re in. Nowadays, customers will do online research into products and services before making any purchases. Having a website in place helps to build said online presence that you otherwise would not have had.

Many businesses have managed without a website so why should you consider getting one now? Long story short, there has never been a better and also more important time to purchase a website for your business. Having a business website has loads of benefits, here are a few of our top reasons that you should consider getting a website for your business:

Makes you look professional if done correctly:

  • Having a professionally created website helps push your brand to new levels.
  • Most people will research a business online before purchasing any products or services.
  • Having consistent branding across social media platforms, your website and company signage helps build credibility.
  • Add to the overall end user experience,

24/7 Information Availability:

  • Having your company information online allows people to find you anytime and anywhere without the need to call up in order to find out more.
  • Having a website provides a central hub to update your customers, be it a change in phone number or an office move.
  • Available outside of business hours, websites generally operate all hours of the day.
  • Accessible from the comfort of their own homes and no need to travel to gather information.

Increase your online credibility:

  • In the modern day it is almost expected for you to have a business website.
  • Having a website helps prove to your potential clients that you are credible and established.
  • Anyone can create a 5 minute Facebook page and pose as a new business, having a website proves a longer term commitment.
  • Display any certification or accreditations you / your business may hold.
  • Having a website proves that you are willing to spend time and money promoting/branding your business and not just a 1 man band in it for the short term.

Showcase your products, services and work:

A website is the perfect way to display your services/products in an organises and easy to read way. This will give your potential leads a centralised place that they can use to see how your products / services all work without the need to explain everything over the phone or on a paper brochure.

Reach more customers:

It is estimated that 60% of all customers will research a brand or product online before making an instore purchase. If you have no information online about your business potential customers may be sceptical when taking out contracts or making purchases.

Keep up with competition within the industry:

  • In the UK over 85% of all registered businesses have a website online, which has been going up and up every single year (70% in 2007).
  • Having a website could be the difference between you and your competition.
  • Not being online could mean you’re missing out on potential leads.

Brand Security & Fraud:

An unfortunate side-effect of the online era is that if you do not have a verified website in place for your business, someone else could go and set one up pretending to be you.


Websites have become and essential part of running a business in the modern online era and without one you may struggle to keep up with your competition. Digital Web offer a website design and a range of web based services across Kent, Dartford, London and the surrounding areas. Our expert team have the know how to help spread your brand across the web.